Trust Activity


Type of School : Residential School


Beneficiaries :

About 144 boys and girls are residing and getting facilities of education. They are from S.C.S.T. as well as Baxipanch There are some orphan pupils also.

Facilities : 

Separate room with electricity, water supply. There are also prayers hall, playground and lovatories. Nearby about puplis of 12 districts are getting it’s advantages.


We have trainee and humble staff working at the school.

At present 2 girls are given advantage in the chhatralaya. Separate facilities for shelter as well as toilets & lavatories have been setup. Female care taker looks after all the girls and provide them their requirements. They also given training about various skills.

The government has sanctioned to accommodate on 81 students although the institution is maintaining 85 pupils. They are given fascilities of education, shelter, games in the same campus.

At present the government has given sanction to accommodate 27 girls. The trust is maintaining 31 girls. They are given fascilities of education, shelter, food in the same campus. They are also given training in tailoring and cutting, cookery and yoga for better living.

  • CRECHES (Godiya Ghar)

Crech centres have been sanctioned to the trust from 86-87. Eight crech centers are being run by the trust. About 25 boys & girls of the age group between 2 to 5 are admitted in each center. At each center a care taker, an assistant care taker are appointed to look after the children of farm workers.


The prayer hall inaugurated by hos holiness shri Atmanandji of koba in 1997. It provides mental peace to children do their prayers in morning and evening. The hall was assisted by shri Kamudbhai Mehta (Landon). 


The institution also helds free eye donation camps very often. It also helds free plantation.